US Weight Durable Fillable Umbrella Base for Patio Table


  • Durable Outdoor Umbrella Base: Our product is expertly constructed to withstand various weather conditions. Its durability accommodates Umbrella Poles from 1.0" to 1.5" in diameter
  • Versatile Use: This fillable umbrella base is specifically made to be used with a patio table. Designed and functional for any outdoor living space, it provides superior support for your umbrella
  • Durable Umbrella Base: Made from a high-density polyethylene plastic, this base resists cracking and fading in any weather climate. Perfect for sunny areas
  • Easy to Use: This outdoor umbrella base offers straightforward assembly and placement. It can be filled with up to 45 pounds of concrete, gravel, or sand
  • Simple to Move: Molded handles allow for ease of movement of the base, allowing you to redesign your space as often as you like, or to transport the base to a new location
Color: Black


Introducing the US Weight Durable Fillable Umbrella Base, the epitome of reliability and versatility for your outdoor living space. Engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, this robust umbrella base ensures unwavering support for your patio umbrella while boasting a design crafted for ease and convenience. Measuring 16" in diameter and 6.25" in height, and crafted with durability at the forefront, this umbrella base accommodates umbrella poles ranging from 1.0" to 1.5" in diameter, catering to a wide array of umbrella sizes. Its high-quality construction from U.V. stabilized polymer guarantees resistance against cracking and fading, making it the ideal choice for sunny regions and ensuring longevity even in harsh weather climates. Designed specifically for use with patio tables, this versatile umbrella base seamlessly integrates into any outdoor setting, offering superior stability and support. Its can be filled with up to 45 pounds of concrete, gravel, sand, or water to provide a sturdy foundation, ensuring your umbrella remains securely anchored, regardless of wind or weather. Ease of use is paramount with the US Weight Umbrella Base. Featuring straightforward assembly and placement, it eliminates unnecessary hassle, allowing you to set up your umbrella effortlessly. The molded handles facilitate seamless relocation, enabling you to effortlessly redesign your outdoor space or transport the base to a new location whenever needed. With more than two decades of experience in crafting quality innovations, US Weight takes pride in its Made in the USA products. The US Weight Umbrella Base exemplifies this commitment to excellence, constructed with materials that guarantee resilience and longevity. Available in four classic colors—Black, Bronze, Grey, and White—this umbrella base not only provides exceptional functionality but also adds a touch of style to your outdoor décor.

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