US Weight was founded in 1996 by Larry Mitchell and Matt Buchannan who were both entrepreneurs working in Olney, Illinois. The two partners purchased some of the fitness related assets from RoadMaster Corporation which was one of the largest sporting goods companies at the time. Some of RoadMaster's brands included Vitamaster, DP, Ajay, Healthmaster, Universal, and Flexible Flyer. US Weight focused initially on the fitness market since it acquired the fitness weight manufacturing technology from RoadMaster originally developed by Diversified Products (DP) in the 1960s. DP pioneered the concept of nonferrous weight sets encased in blow-molded polyethylene which significantly broadened the reach and appeal of fitness equipment and usage in the USA. These newly designed weights did not rust, did not scuff floors, were easy to handle, and were much lower in cost than traditional cast iron fitness weights. DP branded these innovate weight sets Orbatron. US Weight utilized the DP technology and experience to quickly become a success securing distribution at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sears, and others.

Escalade, Inc. purchased US Weight in 2001 from Larry and Matt to further expand its sporting goods business. Escalade, founded in 1927, is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ (ESCA) and has been a leading manufacturer of sporting goods and outdoor recreation equipment for nearly 90 years. Escalade is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana and has operations throughout North America.

US Weight has called Olney, Illinois its home since the company started in 1996. The management team and manufacturing facility are both located in Olney. With an entrepreneurial team and unique manufacturing capabilities, US Weight has grown and expanded its product ranger over the years. Today, the US Weight product range includes tractor wheel weights, suitcase weights, tiller weights, umbrella bases and canopy weights along with their line of crowd control and plastic chain for use as visual safety barriers. US Weight sells to a wide variety of customers including Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Uline, Amazon, John Deere, MTD and Kubota. US Weight also offers customized OEM solutions with its in-house engineers working directly with customers to save time and money on weighted applications where steel or cast-iron is commonly used.

We appreciate your interest in US Weight, our history and our innovative solutions. We look forward to being a valued partner.



The foundation of our quality is based on continuous improvement, rigorous product testing, and adherence to recognized safety protocols. A practice of continuous product improvement includes customer feedback so even the smallest of concerns are addressed. We utilize statistical process controls and random audits in our manufacturing processes. We also test for strength and cycle test for durability.


Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We offer 24-hour drop-shipping. Our on-site customer service provides real-time freight quotes, order tracking, promised delivery dates, and can answer product-related questions. Our people know our products and can assist the customer in almost every situation. Replacement and warranty parts are available on-site in Olney, Illinois.


We value innovation that brings consumers substantial new benefits. We don’t copy competitors, we innovate as evidenced by the numerous utility patents received. Our team includes design engineering, manufacturing, and marketing professionals that work together to bring innovation to life.