Economy Fillable Canopy Weight Bags (4-Pack)

SKU: U0067

  • Set of 4 fillable sand bags for tent to be used on tent legs that weigh approximately 25lbs per canopy weight bag when user filled with sand or pea gravel
  • The sleek and durable 1680D polyester material of these canopy sand weights is both water and weather-resistant. Perfect for both filling and protecting your weights.
  • Easily attach your sand bag weights for canopy to the tent poles with the 4 Velcro straps attached to the side of canopy weight bag. Quick install and breakdown will save you time at events!
  • Includes one bladder bag per canopy weight bag as an extra layer of protection against spills from your canopy tent sandbags. Protect your bags and your event space.
  • These canopy weight bags are the perfect solution for events, tailgating, the beach, camping, parties, and any place you’d need a gazebo, tent or canopy!


Experience stability and safety like never before with our robust set of 4 canopy weights, explicitly designed for your gazebo. These gazebo canopy weights are a crucial necessity for every outdoor event, providing the right amount of weight to keep your tent or canopy secure in all weather conditions. The weights are incredibly easy to set up and takedown, ensuring you don't spend unnecessary time preparing your gazebo. Simply attach these weights to the legs of your canopy or tent, and you're good to go. Each weight is designed as a sandbag, providing you with a flexible and compact solution. With our sand bags for canopy weights, you no longer have to worry about your tent getting blown over by the wind. Our canopy weights come with a unique quick fill feature, allowing you to adjust the weight as per your needs. You can fill these sandbags with sand and position them around your tent or canopy for optimal stability. These sand weights for canopy tents are perfect for all types of gazebos and tents. This set also includes gazebo leg weights, ensuring complete stability from all sides. These leg weights are designed as sandbags, providing you with an efficient and effective solution for securing your gazebo. Our sand bag weights for canopy are not just functional but also easy to use and store, making them a practical choice for all your outdoor events. In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable and efficient set of tent weights, our canopy sand bags set of 4 is your ultimate solution. These canopy sand weights offer a perfect blend of functionality and ease of use, providing you with a secure and stable setting for your outdoor events. Don't compromise on safety and stability - choose our gazebo canopy weights today.

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