Rover Stanchion Cart Kit - 6 US Weight Black Trek Stanchions with Yellow/Black Belts and Cart


  • Includes 6 black Trek stanchions with safety yellow/ black chevron belts and 1 Rover cart (22"L x 22"W x 46"H)
  • Large, puncture proof rear tires and rugged steel frame makes cart ultra-durable
  • Easily converts to 3 modes of transport - 3-wheel cart, 2-wheel dolly, and pull behind wagon
  • Glides effortlessly both indoors and out – front caster has steel ball bearing with encased raceway
  • Comes with a convenient hand removal tool for US Weight stanchions that don’t have push and twist deployment


The Rover kit is the ideal cart for anyone who is always on-the-go – those with several projects requiring them to quickly rope off areas with ease. This bundle comes with 6 US Weight black Trek stanchions with safety yellow/ black belts that can quickly be assembled and deployed with no tool and stacked onto the cart. Whether it’s for construction, janitorial maintenance, electrical projects or a big local concert, this cart makes it quick and easy to haul the stanchions you need to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Its compact size (22” X 22” X 46”) means it can be easily transported to the job site and stored in tight spaces. The Rover is compatible with any US Weight stanchion and holds six stanchions while most carts only hold five. To quickly stock the cart, simply take apart the stanchions, stack the bases on the stem of the cart and place the posts on the front rack. Each cart comes with a convenient hand removal tool for those US Weight stanchions that don’t deploy with just a push and twist. The Rover’s rugged steel frame and puncture proof rear tires are ready to complete any mission. Its innovative design allows you to roll in 3-wheel cart mode, tip it back and use it as a 2-wheel dolly that can climb stairs or roll it as a wagon. The Rover is extremely versatile, rugged and ready to roll.

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