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Sun Shield Black Plastic 2" Chain - 10 ft

Plastic Chain
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US Weight chain is produced in the USA using "state of the art" manufacturing and premium materials. The result is chain with a brighter, more consistent color that lasts longer. Our Sun Shield UV protection package is the industry leader. Made from DOW chemical's high-density polyethylene (HDPE) gives US Weight chain superior strength and finish. HDPE is durable, safe and resistant to many common chemicals. The 2" link size makes for an effective visual barrier.

  • Industry Best - Sun Shield - 10 year UV Protection
  • Top Commercial Quality - Made in the USA
  • Brighter Color - Longer lasting - consistent link-to-link
  • Chemical Resistant - Made from DOW HDPE for superior performance
  • Link Size - Full 2" standard link
  • 10' & 25' bags of chain include two S-hooks. All other lengths do not include S-hooks.