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Additional Product Lines

US Weight manufactures a variety of other weighted products which include product lines such as canopy weights & umbrella bases. These products are designed with the customer in mind, offering innovative features and solutions. Read more about our canopy weights & umbrella bases below or call 618-392-0408 ext. 4246 for wholesale inquiries!

Canopy Weights

Choose between canopy weights sets ranging in weight from 20 - 60 lbs. Every canopy weight set USW offers includes four weights. The popular Tailgater weights range in weight from 20 - 40 lbs per set and share the same design. These weights interlock with one another to easily stack and to prevent sliding off. The no-pinch design allows the user to easily stack one weight onto the next without fear of smashing a finger. Our Ingot canopy weights have a slim, no trip hazard design. Each weight is 15 lbs for a total of 60 lbs per set. Weights include Velcro straps to easily attach onto the side of a canopy leg. US Weight's newest outdoor living product is a set of canopy weight bags. When filled with sand, each bag weighs 30 lbs for a total of 120 lbs per set. This bag solves the problems other canopy weight bags don't. It offers a YKK zipper, heavier stitching to prevent stitching busts, and a longer handle for comfort when transporting.

Umbrella Bases

The USW umbrella base line ranges from 50 lb. bases designed to go under a patio table all the way to a true free-standing umbrella base. The 50 lb bases are offered in 4 colors and can also be purchased empty to be filled with sand or pea gravel. The 80 lb. umbrella base by USW includes a 14" stainless steel stem, two knobs, and a wheel for easy mobility. Offered in 3 colors and an empty option, this base is ideal to fit under a patio table or to be free-standing. The 120 lb base, the newest product in this line, is a true free-standing umbrella base. It is very similar in design to the 80 lb base, but is 24 inches in diameter and has a 20" stainless steel stem. Only offered filled to 120 lb., this base is a true commercial free-standing umbrella base.